The Spring Flows Anew

Spring is the season of changes, so here is what we've done since our last update!

  • We've updated our main site!

    • Based on feedback we have garnered, our old site was extremely hard to navigate, so we're now only showing what we're actively working on.
    • The old site can still be found at
  • Lore Updates

    • Chapters 13-17 of The Grand Challenge have been released!
      • These were done for a while, but we didn't get a chance to edit and release them.
    • Chapters 1-3 of our new comedy series, My Life as a Refrigerator, have been released!
      • Join us as we embark on a wacky journey where a unremarkable man gets reincarnated in the worst possible way as they try to adjust to a new fantasy world and blocky life!
    • All stories will have an EPUB download link that gets updated with every release!
    • And lastly, we're building on a special platform that gives out digital tokens for readers who comment on the ongoing works! They are free to collect, but limited in quantity.
      • Something special comes for readers who start collecting these early...
  • We're assembling more team members to regularly contribute to our projects. More news coming next month...

And that's it for this week! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for fun things coming soon from Atemosta!